A hack to create an HTML page where you can play multiple bitsy games at once!

Want to see what you can do with it? Check this out! https://switch-b.itch.io/9-effing-monster-hunters

## How it's made ##

Multi-Bitsy creates an HTML page (`index.html`) containing one iframe for each game. The keyboard inputs received by this page are transformed into messages, which are sent to every iframe and then transformed into keyboard events by the games themselves.

## Using Multi-Bitsy ##

First, you'll need to get your bitsy games exported as .html files (this is what you get when you export a game in Bitsy) and not as .bitsy files.

Upload your games and download their modified versions (Step 2).

Download the index.html file (Step 3).

Then, download MULTI-BITSY.zip in the link below (Step 4).

Unzip it, then put the uploaded files (games and index.html) together inside of that same folder so that it looks like something like this:

โ”œโ”€ index.html
โ”œโ”€ style.css
โ”œโ”€ listener.js
โ”œโ”€ screenSize.js
โ”œโ”€ multi-endless_scroll.html
โ”œโ”€ multi-flirting.html
โ”œโ”€ multi-frogs.html
โ””โ”€ multi-rain.html

Launch the whole thing by opening the index.html file with your browser. You can also upload this folder on an itch game page as is.

## Bug Report ##

If you have any problem with this hack, you might leave a comment on the comment section below. I'll answer if able.

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on no i've got a game idea


Everything I ever dreamed of to create chaos in its purest form, muahahah


Le hack du style!